Unfortunately using wood and paper products today has both environmental and social implications due to the fact that many of the world’s forests have been tragically cut down. In making an effort to be a responsible business and balancing out the impact we have on our environment, Pacific Shoji Works has partnered with Trees for the Future and donates 1% of its profits to help plant trees.

I want to thank the Pacific Shoji Works customers. Because of you since 2011 we have been able to donate to the plant a tree campaign, our current total is 77,733 trees!       

About: Trees For The Future

Around the world, modern and industrialized farming practices are destroying the environment—and, at the same time, failing to provide reliable income and nourishment for the farmers we all depend on to survive. Trees for the Future (TREES), recognizes that unsustainable land use is the root cause of our most pressing challenges. TREES confronts these challenges by serving the people at the heart of our global food systems: farmers and their families.

As a global leader in agroforestry training for over 30 years, TREES provides hands-on, immersive education, skill building, and support, encouraging farmers to work with nature, not against it. TREES' signature methodology, the Forest Garden Approach, helps farmers transform their land with thousands of fast-growing, ecologically appropriate trees and dozens of other crops, creating new possibilities for themselves and their communities. By embracing sustainable land practices, farmers are reclaiming their agency, breaking the cycles of climate change and generational poverty, and rebuilding our food systems from the ground up.

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plant a tree campaign | pacific shoji works

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Plant A Tree Campaign