I am currently not taking on any new projects at this time. This will change in the near future.

**A notice about contacting me -Please read**

 Please note my website can give you some general information about my work. Please take a minute or two reviewing it before contacting me. On the info page under ordering there is a few simple general questions to answer that will help me to better undestand your project. If you contact me without answering these questions and want a rough estimate then expect a response back from me with these questions.

This is a one man operation and the nature of my work, workload and the ridiculous amount of marketing calls I receive on a daily basis typically prohibits me from answering my phone. If you choose to call and leave a voice message, Please leave a clear message. I will try my best to return your call in a timely fashion. Instead of having a phone-tag situation between us and missing one another. I find for the initial contact and start of communication between us that contacting me via email is a more efficient way of connecting with one another. Please don't text me. I will not respond. Save the texting for your personal use instead of business use. If you are wanting to visit my shop, please contact me to arrange a meeting. Thank You.

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